Trusted Nutrition is all about best in class unique lifestyle products that conforms with your fitness goals and not what other supplement brands are doing. They have invested in their own GMP Certified and USA FDA regulated manufactured facility located in USA, along with their very own product development laboratory in New Jersey.

In every Trusted Nutrition products, there are NO FILLERS, NO UNDER DOSING, and NO REDUNDANT INGREDIENTS. Producing only the best possible product they can. That is why you can feel safe in trust their supplements.

When you think protein, you probably think of milkshakes. However, our Clear Whey Isolate is not just another protein shake. We’ve taken premium hydrolysed whey protein isolate and created a light and refreshing alternative – that tastes more like a BCAA than a milkshake.

Our hydrolyzed 100% whey isolate protein powder was engineered to absorb extremely fast, to support hard-worked muscles, and provide fast digestibility. It is also gentle on the stomach and ideal for those who are lactose intolerant. The future in whey protein is CLEAR!


Unlike most plant proteins taste bland and are gritty in texture, Trusted Nutrition Organic Plant Protein are made from a blend of carefully selected Vegan proteins to provide the best amino acid profile, high absorption whist creating a product that tastes great! Thanks to the nutrient-packed power of almond and favabean that results to an amazingly smooth taste and no chalkiness or grit.

Completely free of gluten, soy, and dairy, our Vegan Protein is full of essential amino acids, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), and plant protein that is ideal for healthy lifestyle goals.

As most Vegans are deficient in L-Lysine we add 5g per serve for muscle tissue growth and immune system function. L-lysine also generates Carnitine which is essential in the breakdown of fat for use as energy.

While most plant-based protein contains soy, Trusted Nutrition Vegan Protein does not contain soy which is a common allergen and contains phytoestrogens that mimic the body’s natural estrogen hormones.