WheyLabs – Pro Standard Whey Protein VANILLA ICE CREAM 5lbs – SLIGHTLY DENTED



Slightly Dented — Lightly deformed tubs, but unopened and without leaks.

Our Pro Standard Whey Protein provides everything you need for a protein shake. At 25 grams of protein per 31-gram serving, It offers the unbeatable anabolic effect of whey protein with a rich, creamy flavour, and minimal lactose and fat. Its clinician-tailored formula has been designed with athletic performance as the primary consideration, and it contains no unnecessary fillers or additives.

25 grams of high-quality, delicious-tasting protein in every scoop

Delicious milkshake taste

Only 120 calories per serving

Simple, clean ingredient profile

Only 1.6 grams fat and 2 grams carbohydrates


Certified protein content & amino-spiking free by ISO laboratory

No banned substances – 2018 WADA compliant

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