MyVegan grew from a desire to make plant-based well-being simple.

We believe that by using the finest ingredients, our products will, and do, taste the best.

We believe your lifestyle choice should be easy to stick to because of our products, help and support.

We believe in being forward thinking, one step ahead – making our best even better and constantly looking for ways to improve our product range.

MyVegan – Vegan Protein Blend 1kg

Improved recipe to have a better taste and texture than ever before,
but don’t worry – it’s still packed with the amazing nutritionals you loved before.

This is the perfect protein powder to enhance your plant-based diet –it’s low-sugar and comes in an unrivalled range of flavours including Turmeric Latte and Coffee & Walnut. With a silky-smooth texture, this plant-based blend is made to power your everyday.

Our new Vegan Protein Blend is the latest version of our original Vegan Protein Blend and has been created to be the best tasting with the best texture.

Available in several flavors! 

  • Just 110 calories per serving
  • 22g complete protein per serving
  • Low Fat, Low Sugar
  • Contains full amino acid profile


MyVegan grew from a desire to make natural, plant- based products that taste amazing and power up everyone, everyday. After all, if you choose to be more mindful about how your diet affects your health and the planet, we want to reward that choice with high quality, healthy and exceptionally tasty products. All in all, we believe in cutting animal products out of your diet, not cutting out taste.