Fitique Nutrition believes that when it comes to women’s health and fitness, nothing is more important than having the right nutritional needs to go along with the right mindset in losing weight for a healthier lifestyle.
Our goal is to provide high quality nutritional supplements and products that support women’s well-being, increase performance and give strength where required. Whether it be for extreme performance in physical activity, a kick-start to a healthier lifestyle or if a detox is required, the Fitique Nutrition range has you covered. No Faux.

Designed for women by women.


With our busy lifestyles, careers and families, us girls need to be at the top of our game.

Thanks to our team of expert nutritionists, Fitique Nutrition have formulated a healthy and nutritious meal replacement or snack to enjoy any time of day. Skinny Whey has 20 grams of high-quality protein isolate per serving, it’s low in fat and carbs, it’s gluten-free and helps to burn fat throughout the day. When used in conjunction with a training program Skinny Whey will help you achieve your ideal body shape or simply help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • 20g high-quality protein isolate
  • Low in Fat and Carbohydrates
  • Burn fat
  • Gluten-free
  • Collagen for skin and joints

Whether you’re striving to attain your ideal body shape, trying to shed a jean size or simply following a new lifestyle regime to boost your health, our Skinny Whey is a perfect choice of supplement that should be combined with a structured training program.

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Burn baby, burn! Skinny-Me 24 Hour Fat Burner capsules contain a potent fat loss formulation to maximize fat loss.

With our unique day and night capsule formulation, you will be covered 24 hours a day to enhance metabolism, maintain a healthy appetite and minimize cravings. Skinny-Me 24 Hour Fat Burner will optimize your workout potential by increasing energy and focus to give you the power to be your best and let those centimetres melt away!

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When our bodies retain excess fluid due to our diet, menstrual cycle or dehydration, it can cause discomfort, bloating, irritation and lethargy. Is this how we want to spend our days’ ladies? Cranky and bloated?

Tummy Tuck offers 100% natural relief from excess water retention to help you get back to feeling yourself. Tell your body who is boss.

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Ain’t nobody got time for toxins! Get rid of those nasties girl! 

Go-Girl 24hr Detox is specially formulated with 100% natural ingredients to rapidly cleanse your body of toxins in order to ease bloating, aid weight loss, increase energy and kick-start your metabolism.

You’ll see an improvement in the condition of your skin, less water retention and overall feeling of wellbeing.



Loop Resistance Bands

From beginners to advanced, at home to the gym, Fitique BOOTY BANDS designed with your body in mind.

Tone and sculpt that booty with four levels of resistance designed for fine toning right through to strengthening.

The four different levels cater to different kinds of workouts and levels of strength and intensity.

Some might think – How would some “rubber band” add more hump to your trunk? It’s not as complicated as its sounds, but it’s as simple as putting your legs in between the Booty Band. If used to its potential, using fitness bands like Fitique’s Booty Bands can really benefit the body – most especially your glutes and legs.

Even without proper gym equipment and using just the Booty Bands alone, there are various exercises you can do to achieve your goals. 

Whether at the comfort of your own home or at the gym, Hump Day just got more fun and easy with Fitique Booty Bands!



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