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6 Eating Rules to Live By When Trying to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, it’s never an all-or-nothing. You can’t push yourself to work out practically 24/7 to burn calories, nor can you completely cut off eating carbs or even your favorite snack—none of these are sustainable!

If you decide the way to lose weight is to cut down on what you eat, always keep in mind that while the most sensible thing to do is to go on a caloric deficit, being too limiting and restrictive just becomes counter-effective. This is because eating too little slows down your metabolism so your body can preserve nutrients and energy to keep you going. 
Even as you lessen what you eat, it’s important to always eat well and enough. Because it can be tricky to strike a balance between going on a deficit and making sure you’re fueling your body enough, here are Nutrition Depot Philippines-approved tips to remember when trying to lose weight:

  1. Always ask yourself, “am I hungry or can it wait?”

There’s a distinction between being hungry and being bored—all it takes to know the difference is to ask yourself! When giving in to boredom eating or snacking, small bites can turn into unconscious bingeing and this could all add up and make you stray away from losing weight. 

2. Practice mindfulness during mealtime.

Paying attention to your body as you eat is important. When you’re distracted, it becomes so much easier to go overboard and for your body to not register the feeling of fullness (because it’s also thinking of and doing other things!). When it comes to eating, keep all distractions away, indulge all your senses in the food, and really appreciate what you’re tasting.

3. Be mindful of sauces and seasonings.

While seasonings and sauces can be a fun way to spice up healthy food, they can also be a killer when it comes to calorie count—but this doesn’t mean you should throw them out of your fridge and pantry! Eating well need not be boring, especially when you have zero-calorie sauces, salad dressings, syrups, and mayonnaise to keep food flavorful.

Let indulgent calorie-free offerings from Walden Farms keep your tummies filled and happy—minus the guilt and added pounds! 

4. Stay in control of your portions.

There’s a reason why many swear by meal prep. Apart from it saving you the time to have to think about and eventually prepare what you’ll be eating, it also is an easy way to watch over your portions. Sure, you can eat healthy meals and snacks, but you might unintentionally end up going on a caloric surplus if you’re not careful about sticking to your ration.

5. Allow some leeway in your diet. 

Being overly strict when it comes to cutting off certain food and flavors from your diet can result in an increased craving for it. This can lead to over-indulging on your cheat days or might even make you feel miserable because you deprive yourself too much. Remember, looking after yourself should be a fun, enjoyable process, so any time you feel otherwise, you’re probably being too hard on yourself.

6. Remember to eat your meals, not skip them.

While meals, of course, make up your caloric intake, avoiding them altogether doesn’t just make you hangry, it slows down your metabolism and lowers your energy levels too. If you’re overly conscious about eating too much, it helps to track your calorie intake. Remember: what gets measured gets managed.

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